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What is Covidax

COVIDAX is a historically unique opportunity to invest in a sector that is otherwise restricted to few big pharma corporations and large investment funds. COVID-19 destroyed millions of lifes and broke the world economy. We are one of the very few truly independent scientific teams with sufficient expertise and resources to develop our own COVID-19 vaccine. In the global race for a vaccine, this is unique. You can invest in us right from this website, starting from November 2020. Help us bring the vaccine to all people in need, independently of all the political and corporate pressure, and get a share of the future profit.

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About us

We are a private biotech company independent of big pharma or other entities. Building on 21 years of research in Alzheimer’s disease, initiated by Prof. Novak’s team after his discovery of key pathological changes of tau proteins at Laboratory of molecular biology, MRC, Cambridge, UK in 1988, we are now putting our proprietary technology to use to develop our own vaccine against COVID-19.

Global race

There is a global race for a vaccine. In comparison to other vaccine candidates, our solution is tailored to elderly population and people with immunodeficiencies, who are especially vulnerable to the COVID-19. Our vaccine is unique because it contains only functionally important pieces of the target viral protein, thus limiting negative side-effects after treatment and stimulating the immune system.

Clinical trials

Using our previous technology platform, we can get to clinical trials and ultimately the vaccine approval much more effectively and in a much shorter time. We want to stay independent and open the project to people for investment. Support us now and be part of the first independent vaccine against COVID-19.


Taken from Covidax lab


CASES (Worldwide)

0.0 Million

(1,328,015 Deaths) Source: WHO

UNEMPLOYMENT (G7 countries)

0.0 Million

(+72% vs Jan20)
Source: OECD


$0 Billion

(-51% seats) Source: ICAO


  • 1988

    Discovery of tau proteins in Alzheimer's disease

    Discovery of tau proteins by Prof. Novak in a team of Nobel Prize laureates at MRC Cambridge.

  • 1999

    AXON Neuroscience

    Prof. Novak co-founded AXON Neuroscience to use his groundbreaking discovery in the research of Alzheimer‘s disease.

  • 2013

    Tau vaccine AADvac1

    The first tau vaccine AADvac1entered into the clinical trials

  • 2019

    Successful Phase II

    Positive phase II results with the world's first Tau Vaccine for Alzheimer's Disease - AADvac1

  • March 2020

    Vaccine development

    First exploratory use of Axon’s vaccine platform to develop a vaccine against COVID-19.

  • April - September 2020

    Pre-clinical trials

    Patent and pre-clinical trials

  • November 2020

    Open project to public investors

    Investors can begin investing in the project from this website.

  • Quarter 1 2021

    First-in-human clinical trials

    First-in-human clinical trials (planned).

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